As soon as the clock stuck midnight everything just turned upside down!!

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We entered a parallel universe and got a scary reality!

Funny enough I always joke about saying maybe Thanos snapped for real real (Hey, marvel fan)

A new decade that seems to be cleansing the older decade as a way to pave way to the innocent that won’t hurt the earth has arrived!

2020 is exactly how we thought 2012 would turn out, difference is  in 2012 we were prepared for the end.

We saw the vision, the future but hey nature rules.

2020 feels like a behind the scenes of the series the 100 and I don’t even want to watch how it will end, might be a plot twist and end up being like Dominion or some freaky Apocalyptic movie.

From the Australian fires, the locusts in East Africa, major earthquakes in parts of the world and even a volcano…

What is the 100 you been wondering?


It’s about survival with the little that will be left of this world.

When earth erupted and couldn’t sustain human beings, groups of different people in my view privileged people made pods to escape in and start a somewhat new life space.

They started living from out of in space examining earth closely to see if there would be a time they can return.

They eventually returned you know survival drama bla bla bla

My point is this earth has shown us many many times not to disrespect it otherwise we will have to vacate from it.


Mentally, Physically and Emotionally we are not ready.

You know how you lock yourself in the bathroon, in that tiny space and there is nothing new there or anything interesting and after a while of sitting your body tells you to get up?

Now imagine that for a prolonged period.

The nerves, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, illusions that will begin.

Food will run out eventually and you will need an alternative it’s either you grow it or you kill it simple human logic,

Internet at some point will shut down, follow power, water and everything else reliant on man power and all that will be left is silence.

Carnivores will emerge, the purge will happen among-st ourselves

Physical and intellectual skills will be required in order to SURVIVE

There will no longer be a system of civilization.

Scary right? Just imagine what a lock-down would be like,




I’m trying to think of everything and remember at what moment you managed to arouse this part within me I never knew I had.

I loved you with all my heart

I was ready to say “I do” a million times but YOU

Crushed me

What was it about me that aroused you?

That had you thinking you could fool around with me?

Your one mistake is you not getting to know me

You knew about me but not much of me

You never bothered anyways and I dived in blindly

Believing every stupid lie

At the start, I saw the red flags that reminded me of my past

But I believed in you

Believed you were different

The first month was heaven

The calls, the texts and gifts

I had finally found my Prince charming and I was ready to settle

Our first date was exceptional

I defended your fucken name when my co workers were dragging it and telling me you ain’t no good

The day i walked in on you with another girl in your bed is the day it ended for me

Quiet frankly I broke up with you that day in my head, but thought and prayed it was more of a test or prank

But wait a moment let’s rewind to the Friday we last saw each other

Smiling, giggling and making out as though you did not know you were about to do me dirt

You thought you had me, I commend you

But thing is I’ve learnt from my past experiences of your kind

Ok back to reality

For fucks sake!!!!!

I can’t be here again

I know I wanted to beat you up so bad you could die

I pondered on what next?

Revenge is next….

To be continued

I felt it

I was in close contact with my online stalker today, I felt the linger and desire in his eyes. I shivered with fear…….

You probably wanna hear the background of it all,

Fine, I’ll do just that!

After passing a comment on Twitter on a random tweet (which I didn’t know would belong to the now stalker)

We laughed and he came to my DM

Charming as ever

After watching YOU that really is a stalker Joe trait

We started chatting on WA just basic

A day came I got busy at work he posted my picture with a whole mini love message and how he never wants to lose me

Guys theses days do move

This guy was a famous tweleb couple 🥺

The pun I look like the chubby version of the ex

Anyways back to the stalker vibes

I started noticing some things that I was not comfortable with

Dude woke up one day and told me we will start dating on January 4th 2020

Odd I asked why so calculative he responded why not.

The horror started I couldn’t be online without getting a dozen messages

Even went as far as taking a selfie with my boss and sending it to me at 4am

Told me I know your boss and I might just drop by some day

Creepy but I let it slide

Okay okay okay I’m getting to the day that I was stalked.

It was on Monday, went to the shops to buy lunch

As per usual

I feel someone is looking

Indeed someone was looking

I turned and I had eye contact with my online stalker

I grabbed my friend and told her we need to move he is here

Oh yes my friends knew

I walked holding on to my friend and I felt the linger and desire in his eyes

The look was not genuine fascination more of The perfect guy vibes


Oh shit I forgot to something by the food tills

I waited for 5minutes thinking he will be gone went to get the thing I had forgotten and there he was

In no shame

6 foot something, chubby built

Standing a couple of feet away from my friend and I

I did not look back but my friend did and all the while hr point blank stared at me

Oh my word!!!!!

I really felt sick to the core

Quickly payed and dashed out of the store.

The worst would have been getting a Hey stranger text from him after this encounter.

Stalkers are real!

You are living in between “parallel universes”

You might have had experienced it too

That is living in between parrallel universes

Memories are disjointed

It’s as if they were meant to be swiped but an error happened there and you kept a glimpse of the memories

Not 100% of them but bits and pieces

That later on it feels like dejavu when the two universes mistakely collide

Or maybe at that moment you would have made the same decision in two universes,

Chosen the same path which then feels familiar and safe

What is it about dreams?

Time travel?

I would think so

How is it possible for your brain

Which is no pun intended supposed to be a virgin mind

Able to access and view all those images, and things that are to come

Lucid dreams amaze me

That for me is the true state of dreaming and sleeping

When you have full control of your dream and can mould it

Unlike the dreams that are more like visions

That show you stuff

Your body laying there on your wooden bed helpless while your conscience is doing some kinky time travelling

With all the tech I feel some day, dreams can be explained and some day we will have that a-haaa moment and agree it’s time travelling or even a life before you

It’s as if you got a second chance at life

To live and this time with a little guideline from the dreams just maybe you can have a different outcome

I’m always cautious of my next big moves

Sometimes I rely on my dreams to guide me

For Christians it’s how God talks to us

Fully Chtistian I don’t doubt that just can’t explain the different life and atmosphere in some of my dreams

That does not mean I doubt

I just have a quirky curiosity within me

One time I had a dream that someone close died, I wept in the dream

Strange enough the next day things started getting strange, didn’t even tell the person about the dream and not in literal form but you get me the relationship died

Within that same week after having the dream

That’s when the theory of the multi universe got to me

Some times I have reoccurring dreams of the world ending and water flooding the earth

Strange enough I can taste the water that covers that earth

FYI in this universe I don’t like water

Think about it, I have started keeping a journal for my dreams

Strange or amazing enough the things I dream of come to pass

Christians will say I have a gift but is it a gift if I can’t really help other people?

I believe dreams are a portal to a whole different dimension and universe and infinite number of realities.

He came back blind and HIV positive…..

Part 1

We had been married for 10 years,

Our lives seemed to be going on great,

A few fights here and there like every other normal couple,

I rarely would complain,

Besides my husband had just gotten a job in Zambia,

I would go there from time to time,

To visit him and keep our relationship spicy per say,

This one visit was different and it changed everything, everyone but mostly me

It was the beginning of the end

I stumbled upon a marriage certificate between him and Lora,


Exactly this was his legal married wife and I his customary wife,

The idiot did not even deny anything and went ahead to tell me he wants us to separate so he can live with his wife,

We sold the house I got 50 he got 50 percent,

He went along with his wife and I stayed behind with our 3 children and a broken heart,

I moved on with my life and even found a new man,

Time passed his relatives approached me,

They told me I quote, ” murume wako haachaona, haana anomuchengeta zvakanaka uyezve ave nemukondombera”,

I took him back after hearing this, how could I not? We were together for years, it was meant to be death putting us apart and not Lora.

Part 2

Things got a little complicated,

My blind ex husband getting jelous over my boyfriend

Lora coming to the house to pick him up everyweekend

Lora demanding child support from me

His family expecting me to dump my boyfriend and be faithful to a man who decided to ditch me and went on gave another woman what we had

It’s all complicated but I realised they are some things young women and wives are not equipped with!

That is knowledge of marriage law, trust funds, child support and marital responsibility.

Unfortunately, my story goes on I still take care of him and take up with all the baggage,

Call me what you want but I can’t seem to walk away or hurt him back the same.

If only, I could have strength to be the woman from Tyler Perry’s Diary of a mad black woman

I am more of a broken black woman…..

It’s supernatural….

Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural…

If you have watched Sid Roth then you know that intro just like I do

Watching him my spirit began to feel provoked and needy of the Holy spiritI didn’t fully understand what the Holy spirit was all about but just began to strongly feel Him

Washing the dishes, I’d feel a warm soft presence behind me

Then my spirit was led to watch Kathrine Kulham

My God, I had never heard anyone express such love for the Holy spirit as she did

Mighty woman she was and I thought wow, use me, help me understand you

But wait, I had encountered the holy spirit before

One Easter Friday 2014/15, at Highlands Presbyterian church, it was a candle lit service. I was sooo excited it was my first candle lit, in the service the preacher preached on Jesus and the crucifixion. As they went on I closed my eyes and my heart began to hurt and I imagined all the pain He felt and said, “Lord am sorry, for I know I also would have been there stoning you” A part of me let go and I began to feel light moving left to right while my eyes were closed in front of me, quickly opened my eyes and actually realized all the candles had been turned off, this was now suoernatural. So I closed my eyes and asked him to speak and that I was sorry I got scared, immediately my hands began to feel pierced, I would have sworn bloozed was going to flow. I cried that night, it pained my heart deeply.

After that, at church services I would be in worship and then begin to weep

Until I realized it’s not about me in that moment but the Holy spirit,In that moment I would be crying out in public for the ones that privately cry

My heart would be broken again

I now understand my world is naturally supernatural and the Holy spirit, my best friend understands more than I doI would meditate, feel His warmth and presence and feel my spirit let go in absolute submissionLike what Minister William McDowell sang I would sing, “I give myself away, so you can use me”I worshiped with my spirit and and my whole heart….

I got flowers today triggered me……

I got flowers today, no it’s not my birthday or anything special like that but today I got flowers because he beat me up

It triggered me and I relived my childhood but no mama never got flowers….. She had to beg instead to be forgiven, as though it was her fault.

I got her flowers the day we laid her to rest, to put on her grave while relatives looked on. Mama got flowers that day! Part of me is glad she finally got to rest and the pain stopped, I was going to get her more flowers.

Odd enough I’ve never gotten flowers.

While watching the, I got flowers today video, I thought mmmm… what would I do if a man I sorely loved, adorned and worshipped his ground on decides to lay his hand on me what would I do?

Will I stick around for the flowers and the “oh baby, it just happened I lost control it will never happen again, stay” bullshit and wait for my flowers.

Read below the whole content in the video:

She can have you!!!

It would be nice once in my life to get this right

To get a man that worships me like a true goddess that I am

But I saw you with your new girlfriend at the mall with a bag of gifts that should be mine

Holding her hand like she is leading you to victory

I still can’t believe you

Love made me blind

But now I can see

I thought you said 2 weeks ago you wanted to find yourself

I guess you found a part of you in her then

It’s been a whole year of back and forth

I put in the sacrifices, time and effort

I hoped by now it would be different and we can work it out

Everyone has a man by me

It’s alright I’ll be alone and you won’t find a better woman

I’ll search for my worth from within

I have put up with enough

Well, She Can Have You!!!!

Dear Diary, I Just Killed Someone….

Dear diary, today I took a trip inside myself , stayed there for too long until I started to worry! I know I promised you that I would change but trust me even I want to change. I just find myself drifting away. Until it’s too late and I zone out.

This time I did something so bad there is no turning back I don’t know how we will get through this. I am so terrified am shaking & crying. I listened to the little voice in my head, it asked me to get closer , closer & closer until it took full control. I just killed someone…..

Giving you a full detailed confession will come to bite me back so I’ll keep it short and sweet. It’s not like how you see it in the movies it takes much more strength and a lot of my power. In that moment you do not think of your mother, father or siblings it becomes quiet you can hear a pin drop. The hairs behind my back began to stand ,chills all over my body but am just a little girl. I figured my case can only be won in front of a jury at least they will give me empathy, all my life I’ve had to fight this is nothing. Right?? Tick tock time is not by my side!

It wasn’t a stab , gun shot or anything emotionless like that. I did it inch by inch, I killed myself.

How you may wonder ? By worrying and succumbing to depression. My brain stroked and completely shut down and now I have lost my memory and do not even remember my name but just you diary.

The doctor said I should write down everything I remember and here we are.

Dear Diary!

Art credit: Pride Nyasha -Zimbabwe

Mama’s having a baby, baby! 👶

Remember that time as a small child when mama mysteriously just happened to go away for some days and came back with a replacement *baby* 😂😂

Boom suprise , you are no more the centre of attention. You are now a grown up, emotions of rage are filling you up. Oh wait! Did you know ? Had you been told ? Mama is having a baby in advance? I bet not , that’s not how we roll as Africans! Had you even noticed she was pregnant or did you just think , “Oh dear, this woman is getting fat”.

Looking back at it , this is how siblings rivalry starts. Instead of looking forward to that new baby, you seem to want to terminate the new replacememt and show it that you are the sheriff in town. Mean stuff huh but jelousy is a second nature to most of us . Plus the parents do not make it any better. It goes from you are our baby to take care of the baby

You just begin to wonder, what to do really. Worse when that new replacememt now wins every fight because mama always takes their side 😭 , Are you not their child as well?

Speaking about having a baby with your baby helps them accept the other sibling more than when you just suprise them with a new replacememt of your attention, love and emotions.